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Mike Hamilton

After a 20-year career in the Marine Corps and serving in positions such as Avionics Technician, Drill Instructor, and Operations Chief, the retired Gunnery Sergeant is pursuing his second career and studying electrical engineering. Accustomed to managing long term/large scale projects, and providing sound leadership and guidance to thousands of Marines throughout his career, Mike is very enthusiastic about leading this project and getting the opportunity to work with his fellow students on a project outside of the classroom. He can be reached at michael.l.hamilton@wsu.edu or 360.901.8511.

Mike Hansen

Currently a junior at Washington State University Vancouver in the Electrical Engineering program, Mike Hansen spent his high school years as a FIRST Robotics team member with experience with control systems and communications at Skyview High School. Through his time with the team, as well as holding a summer internship position with USNR, an industry-leading sawmill equipment supplier, Mike has gained real world experience with many fields including web design, control systems, wireless communication, circuit design, and prototyping/fabrication. He is very excited for this opportunity to apply his experience and work with others on such an exciting and promising project. He can be reached at michael.hansen@wsu.edu or 360.521.2990.

Zachary Moore

Currently a junior at Washington State University Vancouver studying Electrical Engineering, Zach is a computer enthusiast who grew up building custom computers of his own, as well as tinkering with electronics. This is the toughest project Zach has encountered and has learned many new things while working with the other members of the team. This project has also strengthened Zach's communication and team working skills. Zach is excited to learn and apply new techniques and problem solving skills to this project. He can be reached at zachary.a.moore@wsu.edu or 360.852.4876.

Cody Glascoe

Cody is a junior at Washington State University Vancouver studying Electrical Engineering. He is always seeking to learn about many different topics and this project presented the opportunity to do just that. Cody looks forward to learning from the experience of other team members as well as bringing his own knowledge into the project. He can be reached at cody.glascoe@wsu.edu.

Chris Godley

Currently a student senator and a junior at Washington State University pursuing a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, Chris loves keeping up to speed on the latest technology and trying to incorporate that into his love of music. Teaching guitar lessons for almost five years, Chris also operated a private recording studio out of high school back in his home state of North Carolina. Since moving out to Washington to finish school, Chris has become dedicated to studying alongside his knowledgeable peers to learn as much as possible. He may be reached at chris.godley@wsu.edu.

Kris Goodwin

Currently a junior at Washington State University Vancouver studying Electrical Engineering, Kris was happy to collaborate on the long running project. He considerers the experience gained from working as a team almost more valuable than the technical work actually done on the project. Kris looks forward to taking on even bigger projects in the future. He can be reached at kristoffer.goodwin@wsu.edu.

Cody Henderson

A junior at Washington State University Vancouver, double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Cody is interested in power electronics and FPGA applications. He hopes to apply his knowledge to the project, while learning from other students to expand his interests and real life applications. He can be reached at cody.r.henderson@wsu.edu.

Raoul Russ

Currently a junior at Washington State University in Vancouver pursuing Electrical Engineering, Raoul grew up taking things apart and putting them back together. He started off with computers and electronics as a kid and started working on cars as he got older. Raoul hopes to apply his current electrical knowledge to the #cougballoon project and learn new things along the way. He can be reached at raoulruss@gmail.com or (360) 213-4013.

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